Hydrating Day Cream Gel

Strong water retention properties, it balances the skin’s hydration and nourishes the skin to create a lightened natural skin.


Apply evenly on the face in circular motion until fully absorbed.

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Oily / Blemish-prone
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New formulation: Removes Skin Mites. It cleanses while restoring the suppleness to the skin. It has the ability to breakdown/remove makeup sebum and cellular debris without harshness and dehydration.
An avocado oil and Vitamin E toner. Indispensable for complete facial cleansing. It hydrates the skin, restores moisture, and balances the PH of the skin.
This mist spray protects the skin from blue light exposure that is reflected from our computers and smartphones. It also hydrates your skin and aids in anti-aging. 
A highly concentrated soothing serum targeting eye area to reduce your puffy eye, dark eye circle and eye bags. 
Mandelic Acid, a naturally extracted whitening element, can reduce dark pigmentation on the skin, evening out your skin tone, leaving it looking bright and radiant. 
The Bio-Cellulose Mask Utilizes biotechnology's technique to manufacture the translucent gel-like material. Its 3D web structure enables air to penetrate but not liquid, adheres tightly with the skin is also known as...
This provide an anti-aging effect for the neck area. It has a firming and lifting effect for sagging skin and restores the luster and smoothness to rough and dull neck skin
Anti-Stress Eye MaskLate nights causes puffiness due to excessive sugar intake. This targets puffiness and defends against aging around eye areaBlue Light Care Eye MaskProvide protection from blue light which causes...

importance of moisturising


Gel moisturizers have a more watery and lighter structure. This is why gels provide hydration without a greasy finish and are suitable for anyone wishing to opt for a lighter moisturizer. Apply the Hydrating Day Cream Gel in a circular motion to your forehead, cheeks and nose until fully absorbed the product, you can also apply it to your neck.



D.I. water, Propylene glycol, Glycerin, alcohol denat, Triethenmine, DMDM Hydranthon, PEG-40, Hydrogenated Castor oil, Trideceth-9, Carboner, Lactose, Cellulose Hydroxypropyl, Methyicellulose.

All skin type



With climates as humid and clammy as Singapore’s, it might be tempting to skip the moisturizer all together, but that may actually cause your skin to produce more sebum, which leads to dullness, clogged pores and breakouts. Hydrating Day Cream Gel is perfect for all skin types, as it doesn’t have a sticky or oily residue after application. It is popular for being quickly absorbed formula that helps your skin naturally balance out its moisture levels creating greasy oily skin.

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