This is what a Monsoon Skincare Regime means

What does the news of wet weather for the next fortnight that mean for our skin? Although the rain is welcome relief from the heat, higher humidity can cause skin sensitivity. Besides acne breakouts, there's also 'maskne' to deal with, in times like this.

So here's how we prep ourselves for the monsoon skincare battle. 

1. Calendula Toner

Contrary to popular advertising, products do not have the ability to extract toxins from the skin. As skin defense, detoxing is about reducing the effects of environmental damage. Enter the Lynn Aesthetic Calendula Toner. The Calendula is a medicinal plant renown for its wound healing and antioxidant activity. This is nature's herbal protection against oxidative stress in human skin cells. Alcohol and sulphates free for sensitive and delicate skin. Product of Italy

2. Hormonal Balance Cream

Having plenty of water in the air with increasing humidity doesn't mean you don't need to moisturize. This moisturizer contains the much overlooked sodium PCA. A natural component of the skin, sodium PCA makes up about 12% of the skin's natural moisturizing factor. And the main reason why hyaluronic acid is more common as a hydrating ingredient? Sodium PCA is more expensive. Formulated to promote blood circulation. Product of Italy

3. Amethyst Facial (Anti-Ageing) *5D Peptides 

Peptides are the smaller version of proteins found in food. And because they're smaller, they're easier to break down. Which means better absorption through the skin. The Amethyst Facial 5D Peptides face therapy comprises of the much lauded pure hyaluronic acid. This treatment also features polypeptides and oligopeptides. If you don't know what polypeptides are, you must have heard of collagen. Collagen consists of 3 polypeptide chains. Oligopeptides are smaller peptides that have a better penetration rate when applied topically. Because large proteins like collagen cannot penetrate the skin barrier, you'll notice collagen creams often contain oligopeptides . When collagen production increases, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles can improve. Oligopeptides can induce healing and repair for red, scaley acne-popped skin. But don't take our word for it. If you happen to have unexplainable (because you thought cooler weather = better skin) acne outbreaks, time to give this a try. Be sure to ask for a secret promo code for a special discount on this treatment.

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