Cellulite (Lipolaser)

The Cellulite treatment is the new application of laser technology. It used the fastest, most simple and safe way to let fat cells narrowed without causing any side effects to other tissue. This slimming treatment can produce a perfect effect that you can see and feel within a short period of time. It lets you enjoy the most relaxing and comfortable thinning body process. It's emergence is known as a "beautiful body industry revolution".

VDFU Classic

This is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure, it uses high-intensity focused ultrasound energy to penetrate into the layers of skin to reduce your waistline. It helps to tighten the skin, leaving you with a more contoured waistline. There is minimal or no down time, so you can resume your active lifestyle right away. Our customers commented that they are able to see long lasting effects after the treatment!

Fat Freeze

This revolutionary procedure is the more natural way to remove these stubborn fats by targeted cooling to kill fat cells underneath the skin. It uses a precisely controlled cooling method to target, cool, and eliminate fat cells. This procedure is a world leader in non-invasive fat reduction as it does not involve the use of laser, sonic waves and surgery. In the process, only fat cells are frozen, other healthy skin cells remain well and healthy. Over the next four weeks after the procedure, the crystallized fat cells breakdown and they are naturally flushed from your body resulting in visible slimming effects. Fat Freeze is ideal for those already in relatively good shape, but have some fat bulges present that are resistant to exercise and dieting.

VS + Sculpting

VS+ is a non-invasive procedure, which means no needles or surgery, fat reduction treatment that uses ultrasound technology to reduce fat cells in targeted parts of the body. There are two sound waves of different frequencies to help target the stubborn fats. It contours and reduces stubborn fat pockets with multiple penetration depth. In summary, it’s a procedure that relies on high-energy ultrasound waves to penetrate the deep layers of the skin to flush fats from the body.

Exilis BTL

Exilis BTL works by applying ultrasound or radio frequencies to the targeted areas. These pulses heat the tissue triggering a reduction in the volume of fat cells through fat lipolysis. Fat lipolysis is the process whereby fat cells are broken down. Combined with an increase in collagen production, stubborn weight can be shifted, and the skin tightened. As a result of seeking Exilis BTL treatment, you’ll notice that your skin becomes firmer, skin texture is improved, and weight loss will occur in those stubborn areas. This treatment can be also used to rejuvenate and tighten skin on the arms and hands. Additionally, Exilis BTL is also great for treating wrinkles, fine lines and the signs of ageing too.


EMsculpt is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to build muscle and sculpt your body. It is known for its muscle shaping and toning properties and can essentially cause 20,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes. This causes the muscles to undergo cellular changes due to the extreme conditions they must adapt to. As a result, the tone and strength of your muscles will change and improve.

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