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Serenity (Aroma Body Massage)

Our customers' favourite, a signature full-body massage using essential oils to relax the body, mind and soul. Smooth and soothing movements will gently lull you into a realm of tranquil dreams, leaving you totally rejuvenated. Many of our customers commented that this treatment helps to improve their physical and mental well-being.

Harmony (Bio-Equlibrium Massage)

The traditional Bio-Equilibrium Massage originated from India and clears channels of energy with its application of firm and sustained pressure. By doing so, muscular fibers are toned and resilience restored, improving circulation and restoring the flow of energy. This treatment regulates breathing patterns, straightens spinal cord, strengthens muscular fibre, reduces abdominal swelling, and restores resilience in muscular fibre. 

Tranquillity (Lymphatic Drainage Body Massage)

The lymphatic system's job is to remove toxin and unwanted waste by transporting lymph through a network of tissues and organs. When it isn't working properly, toxin is built up in your body and disrupts your immune system. A lymphatic drainage massage uses very light pressure and long, rhythmic strokes that get the lymph fluid moving and directs the toxins into the organs that can properly remove them. Some of the benefits of this massage are fighting off infection, boosting weight loss, improving cellulite, skin swelling, scar tissue, acne, and stretch marks. Your lymphatic system is what keeps your body healthy, so do reach out to us to book your appointment to achieve a robust life and a better you!

Dynamic (Ayurverdic Massage)

This is a special Indian traditional massage technique that focuses on the "balance" in our body's vital organs namely, heart, liver, kidney, intestine, gastric and the 5 vital systems (lymphatic system, vein, meridian and energy systems). A rejuvenating massage to alleviate mental and physical stress by using pressure points to stimulate vital energy points and promote life force energy throughout the body.This therapy is renowned for its ability to stimulate the body's own natural cleansing processes.

Ultimate (Hot Stone Full Body Massage)

Hot Stone Therapy is a traditional Indian technique using basalt volcanic stone. It has magnetic and mineral properties that are excellent for blood circulation and skin rejuvenation. Together with the skillful hands of our therapists, the hot stone massage provides deep heat penetration, coupled with magnetic energy. This massage provides instant relief for stress, anxiety, muscle tension and pain. It is a very soothing and enjoyable experience that also helps to promote sleep and boost immunity.

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