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Face Therapy

Aquamarine Facial (For young skin) * Fitomarine

Our aquamarine Facial Treatment utilises “Pure Collagen from the Ocean” - otherwise known as marine plankton - as its main ingredient.

The microscopic nutrients in marine plankton are able to cross the skin’s barrier and deliver nourishment to the lower skin layers, assisting detoxification of the skin’s cells, resulting in the removal of impurities from the skin and improvement of your skin’s concentration of oxygen.

You will find your skin energised, firmer, and hydrated with a more even skin tone and lesser breakouts.

Brightening Facial Singapore

Ruby Facial (For Lifting) *Kurogi

Our Ruby Facial Kurogi treatment uses a specialised technique to improve your facial features by narrowing your face, highlighting your cheekbones, defining your chin, and rejuvenating your skin.

This treatment also includes lymphatic drainage, resulting in a youthful and moisturised skin. You will find that your face feels softer and looks younger, with firmer skin and higher cheekbones.

Brightening Facial Treatment

Diamond Facial (Radiance/Whitening/Oxygenating) *3in1

Our diamond Facial is a revolutionary treatment in Singapore that gives instant radiance by using cutting-edge technology to assist in the penetration of products, allowing penetration of up to 80% compared to the 15% penetration using traditional methods. A water-soluble cream is also customised from essential oils to reduce dullness and fine lines, along with improving the elasticity of your skin by stimulating collagen and skin cell production.

This increased absorption and customised formulation result in dewy and radiant skin.

Facial For Brightening Skin

Amethyst Facial (Anti-Ageing) *5D Peptides

Our amethyst Facial is a treatment that uses Polypeptide Oligopeptide from marine extracts and Pure Hyaluronic as one of its main ingredients.

Polypeptide Oligopeptide stimulates collagen production, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and strengthens skin’s barriers, among many other benefits. It also consists of many amino acids that address the formation of melanin.

Hyaluronic, in its purest form, helps retain moisture and alleviate dry skin. Combined with increased collagen production, this facial treatment is one of the best choices for an anti-ageing facial treatment. .

Skin Brightening Therapy

Quartz Facial (Pigmentation)

Our quarts Facial is an intensive brightening facial treatment that targets and inhibits the formation of melanin. It helps to lighten spots, fade blemishes, and improve overall complexion. The premium ingredients used in this brightening facial strengthen your skin’s natural defences while enhancing hydration and radiance. Customised essential oils help soothe, detox, contour, and firm your face, which will elevate your self-confidence.


Deep Cleansing

Regular cleansing each day and night is the first step to taking care of your skin, but it is not enough to eliminate all that impurities and stubborn dirt. Facial skin treatments serve to ensure that all the build-up of sebum, toxins, bacteria, and skin cell debris are safely and thoroughly removed from your skin.

Promote Skin Health

Here at Lynn Aesthetic, our face therapy treatments are accompanied by a face massage. These treatments are coupled together due to the complementary effects they have on each other. The massage motions help to stimulate blood circulation in the face, improving the distribution of nutrients and oxygen. This leads to more supple and radiant skin, helping you look younger, brighter, and more rejuvenated. Furthermore, the massage helps to improve your skin’s absorption abilities, allowing for better absorption from the facial treatments.

Professional and Harmless Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a great way to unclog pores, even out skin tone, boost lymphatic drainage, and much more. However, the procedure requires a professional’s touch, as improper procedures can lead to the skin being inflamed, irritated, and highly sensitive. Our aestheticians have years of experience in Singapore’s beauty industry. They are continually improving their skills and continually keeping up to date with the cutting edge of the beauty industry, ensuring that they are able to provide the service and results you desire from our facial treatments.

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