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Lynn Aesthetic provides a holistic experience for our customers. From our excellent customer service to our professional treatments, we aim to provide the best experience for our customers. With our professional knowledge and state-of-the-art technology, we provide the best care in every way. Visit us and leave rejuvenated and refreshed!

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No matter which location you visit, Lynn Aesthetic provides a relaxed and soothing sanctuary for you to recover from your day-to-day struggles. We have purposefully designed our environment around providing a relaxing ambience, so that visiting us feels like a spa getaway. Whether you just want a relaxing facial at Hougang, or require a more intensive facial in Tampines to deal with another Acne break out; Lynn Aesthetic is just a phone call away! Visit us today at either of our two outlets in Singapore - Tampines One Shopping Mall and Stars of Kovan, located in Hougang.

“Love the ambience and service rendered. Staff were great and owner took time to decorate the whole place making it cozy. Thanks for having me” - Pearly


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From facial treatments to body massages, Lynn Aesthetic strives to provide a holistic customised experience for our clients.

At our beauty salon, we want our clients to not only look good, but also feel good and confident about themselves. Take a look at our wide range of beauty treatments below.


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Lynn Aesthetic has been in the professional beauty industry in Singapore for over 38 years. This history, however, has not dulled our thirst for keeping up with the latest trends in facial treatments and other cosmetic procedures. This allows our customers to trust that they receive the very highest quality of treatment and service.


Lynn Aesthetic is an award-winning beauty salon and spa that has garnered many awards over the years since our establishment. These awards are a testament to our commitment to providing a seamless client experience.

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Beauty Salon Kovan
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Our advanced treatments have not only allowed Lynn Aesthetic to become a leading beauty treatment salon in Singapore but also one that has been featured in multiple news and media platforms.

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Taking care of your skin does not have to be confined to your time with us. We have hand-crafted a collection of products for you to maintain your beauty routine while between visits. Shop from our collection of bestsellers, including facial cleansers, toners, and other skincare products.

Facial Beauty Salon In Singapore
Our Portulaca bubble mask cleanses and moisturizes. Sodium Hyaluronate moisturizes while Portulaca Oleracea extract causes a soothing anti-inflammatory effect. Together, they help to moisturize and rejuvenate the...
New formulation: Removes Skin Mites. It cleanses while restoring the suppleness to the skin. It has the ability to breakdown/remove makeup sebum and cellular debris without harshness and dehydration.
Our Hydrating Cleanser is a face wash formulated with active avocado oil and Vitamin E nutrients. It effectively rinses away impurities and irritants accumulated during the day for comfortable and hydrated skin. The...
An avocado oil and Vitamin E toner. Indispensable for complete facial cleansing. It hydrates the skin, restores moisture, and balances the PH of the skin.
Our Hydrating Serum is a hyaluronic acid-based serum infused with collagen, ceramides and human oligopeptide. This intensive serum promotes natural cell-regeneration and enhances your skin’s moisture levels,...
Our Calendula Toner is an alcohol-free facial toner formulated with natural emollients such as Calendula Officinalis, Matricaria and Recutita flower extract. Provides antioxidant protection, resulting in radiant and...

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